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"Who runs the home", Mom Gift ideas

With the Holiday season among us and sales galore. It's a good time to think of gifts for others, and ourselves. Can't lie, whenever you're shopping for other people you end up finding more things for yourself, right? Silly! Real bloggers are assisting you with gift guides to help buy for loved ones. While, I'm going to help you with a list to share with your loved ones. Let's be honest a little nudge never hurt.

I don't ask for gifts but I do give hints. This is a list for the SAHM or any mom. Gifts that can be appreciated and used over time.

This first item can help us feel cozy, and look cute at the same time. The times when wearing our old raggedy sweatshirt doesn't cut it. I don't own a robe, but I wouldn't mind something like this...hint, hint. Barefoot Cardigan, yes please.

This second item has become a staple piece for the mom wardrobe. If you don't own a pair of Spanx faux leather leggings, you should. They're flattering, and can be dressed up, or down. Who wouldn't appreciate an upgrade in leggings. It took me awhile to see their full potential, lets just say, I feel fancy at school pick up.

Item three is there to help our legging outfit look pulled together. Any cute fuzzy jacket or pullover would work. Its the perfect, "yeah I just left the gym" or "I'm on my to the gym", and look good. Watch out! This is a great brand for the athleisure style.

To have and to hold, we need a bag. A good crossbody is a no brainer and there are so many to choose from. I'm partial to this designer but I also love my Madewell bags. Crossbodys can be a great accent to our everyday outfit, and carry all our Target receipts. Plus plus!

Item five is a little something to help us feel pampered. I don't have one but I wouldn't mind rolling it over my face each day. Jade is known to add harmony, bring peace and reduce stress. What mom couldn't use a little peace, as we rush the kids off to school. Amen!

Let's be honest, a gift guide wouldn't be complete without a coffee card. You know it's appreciated. Take a friend out for coffee and say, "I got this".

Starbucks or any coffee card

Thanks for browsing my little SAHM list. I'm sure it will change in the next month or so.

The truth is, the best gifts are not bought....who said that?

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