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Wellness Wednesday- Hello February

This January I made a commitment to start running again. I've yet to register for any races, however, I've set a goal to run at least 50 miles a month. If you are a runner, you know that with running, comes leg cramps at night, and the occasional soreness. Thankfully while listening to a podcast recently, I learned something about Magnesium and how it could help me.

Did you know our culture lacks Magnesium? Apparently this has something to due with the pesticides that kill the healthy bacteria in our soil.

News to me.

Do you take Magnesium? If not, here are a 5 signs that you may be deficient.

1. If you struggle with muscle cramps

2. Restless leg syndrome (I definitely experience this)

3. Sleepless nights . Tossing and turning, or waking up through out the night.

4. Poor memory / confusion

5. Constipation

Once finding out these symptoms, I quickly decided to order a bottle of Magnesium. Within five days of taking this supplement, I began to see some benefits. I also found out they had an option for my girls, a quick dissolve dosage to add to water.

These are 5 benefits you could see.

1. Reduces PMS symptoms ( hey ladies, who wouldn't want that)

2. Helps prevent migranes

3. Boost exercise performance

4. Helps regulate the intestines to assist with constipation

5. Regulate the production of melatonin- the hormone that helps our sleep cycle

Magnesium can also assist with mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD and Autism.

Recipe of the week:

Being a fan of quick and easy recipes, I want to share one.

Making chicken thighs, with BBQ sauce, in the instant pot has been a hit in our home. It's up there with my favorite "Keto hot dog chili casserole".

Simple is good

1 pound of chicken thighs- Season with garlic powder, salt and pepper

Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the pot, sauté in the instant pot 4 mins each side

Remove chicken thighs add 1 cup of chicken broth.

Place chicken back into the pot, pour your favorite (low sugar) bbq sauce on top.

Seal up the lid and hit Manual pressure high for 15 mins.

Wait, let heat release, serve up and enjoy.

Let me know what your favorite recipe is lately.

I'm here cheering you on from the sidelines!

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