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Wellness Wednesday- 3rd week of 2020

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Hello, are you still there getting your fitness on? Did we ditch the chips for almonds yet? Did you buy a gallon water container from Amazon, thinking you'll drink more? Opps, that was me. It was used twice, can I return it? Hopefully, your still in it too win it.

I'll make this post simple and encouraging. Nothing ground breaking just a few reminders.

Here are my 6 S's for Success, when starting and sticking to your fitness goals.

Remember, I am not a personal trainer or a nutritionist. I am just a mom doing her best to stay healthy and strong.

1. Share

Tell your friends, significant other, or post on social media. Let people know your intentions so they can support you. Just stay away from Debbie Downers and Negative Nancy's, no one has time for that. Be Excited!

2. Set

Ready, set, go! Schedule the run, a new workout or pencil in that spinning class. Once its on the do list it is SET! Time is valuable so use it wisely and make it happen. Don't forget to set up your nutrition as well. Success starts in the kitchen!

3. Start

Okay, you've told people about your plan and you've scheduled it. Now your moving. I've said it before, slow and steady wins the race. Take it easy and don't hurt yourself the first time out the gate. Make sure you feel good about the activity your doing. You're the one making a commitment so it has to be something you'll want to do over time.

4. Stick

I believe it takes two weeks to make a habit. We all need a rest day, sick days happen, and just life in general. Its Okay to miss or fall off the wagon. Pick yourself up and start again. You don't even have to tell anyone you missed a few workouts ;) Just stick with it soon it you'll look forward to it, I promise.

5. Shake

Shake what your momma gave you! Have fun and lighten up. Make a playlist you want to hear. Add all your favorite jams. (Is jam still cool too say)? Personally, I enjoy the treadmill so I can watch RHWO everywhere. I often listen to podcasts on outdoor runs. That's my crazy fun. You do you!

6. Show it

Show off your success! The smallest achievement is awesome. Running 3 miles now, tell people. Half way through a program, update friends. Seeing some muscle tone, take a picture. Feel proud of yourself and let others celebrate it too!

Those are my 6 S's to help you succeed. Let me know what your up too, I would love to cheer you on from the side lines.

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