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Wellness Wednesday -1st of the year

Here is our first Wednesday of 2020, and I'm so excited. I figured we should jump right in with fitness talk. Everywhere you turn, or scroll, people are chatting about weight loss exercise or a new plan. Who wouldn't want a quick fix, or quick solution, to weight loss. Hands up! Good thing I've finally learned from fitness author Vinnie Tortorich. "Exercise is a poor way to loose weight". It all starts in the kitchen, and what we put in our belly's.

However, fitness is a great way to get your body toned, add some muscle, boost energy and feel good in your skin. I now look forward to exercising too start my day and challenge my endurance. Honestly, unlike the old club days, "Go big or Go home"exercising is, "Go slow and go long". Here are my tips that I practice in my daily life to keep me moving forward. Don't throw in the towel unless its dripping with sweat ;)

Remember...I'am not a personal trainer, or a nutritionist. I'am just a mom doing her best to stay healthy and strong.

1. Schedule a time

Just like a doctor appointment, or a work meeting, workouts need to be scheduled. Just telling yourself, "tomorrow'' is not setting a time. I will run tomorrow morning, at 6am, or hit pay on the program right after work. Lay out your workout clothes the night before. I keep my clothes on the floor next to me, and I'm not wasting time searching through a drawer.

2. Get your ZZZ's or rest

Everyone is different when it comes to the amount of hours they actually sleep. I usually aim for 7 hours. That feels good to me and I'm not sluggish in the morning. When you have a set appointment to workout, plan your sleep time. Turn off electronics 30 minutes to an hour before you sleep. Read a book or journal to relax your mind.

3. Track your progress

I like to look back and see how many miles I've run, or when the last time I worked out my arms. Keep a calendar on your phone or date book. I use a running app to save my miles, and add them up each month. You can decide to add one more strength day, or cardio.

4. Drink water when you want!

Yup, I did not say drink more water. To be honest I get bothered when I read you should drink a gallon of water a day, Says who? Hydration is very individual and depends on many factors. Your activity level and body size can play a part. I'am pretty active and run a lot, I drink 4-5 glasses a day.. My advice is drink when your thirsty, stay hydrated and listen to your body.

5. Switch it up and try something new

Repetition is just that, repetition. Nothing makes you want to quit like feeling bored, or not challenged. Its okay to switch workout programs. Change your running route, or just try a new class. You are in control, so enjoy the journey.

Final tip- cute workout gear always helps keep you motivated! Lets go!

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