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This week in a Flash

Not sure I'm ready to say goodbye to January. I feel like it's the month to get motivated and start all the things. Have you started anything new? I finally tackled a few organization projects and have a morning routine that seems to be working. Plus, we were out of town for the first week of the year, so I feel a little cheated.

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There is Valentines day to look forward too. I must admit I'm not big on thinking you need to do anything for the 14th, but I have fun with it. For some reason I always add a few heart decorations around the house, make a desert and give my family little gifts. It's the thought that counts :)

Proud moment-

I took time to organize my closet this past week and it felt great. It's been on my invisible to do list but I was never ready. Cleared out the clothes that don't bring me joy, got stuff off the floor, and coordinated all the clothes. With so much clear space I added a little seat, in case I need a moment to myself

Advice- If you want to clean out your closet don't wait for the perfect time. Place everything where you can see at and make a point to use all the space you have.

Before- Got stuff off floor and straightened shelves

After- Organized jewelry, handbags and books

Favorite New Item- Veja sneakers

These are amazing- They have a cool and classic look all in one.

So far they seem to go well with everything.

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Enjoyed Watching- Bridgerton! OH about getting steamy. Definitely not rated

pg-13..even had my 45 year old self blushing ;) Really good old time period show. A little bit of Gossip Girl meets The Crown. Looking forward to season 2. Watch on Netflix

Favorite passage I read - From The Better Mom devotional

"In motherhood, countless moments seem ordinary. Folding clothes, homework, dishes, and teaching. Yet when done with a heart positioned to love God and love others, everyday moments are sacred. Imagine if we saw each moment as a moment meant for worship. In all we do!"

- How awesome is that, turn our ordinary into extraordinary.

Okay kept it nice and short, out in a flash! - Happy Weekend

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