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We are on a break!

I have been plugging away on this Instagram app since January 2019. It was a slow start for me. I spent the first year trying to gain 1k followers, figure out what hashtags to use and try to get approved by LikeToKnowIt. LTK took me 3 try's, so you know.

Fast forward to the age of Reels, in 2021, I found my groove. It also gave me the confidence I needed to keep showing up. Within three months I gained 3k followers and by Jan 2022 I reached 10k, six months later I hit 34k! With the fast growth came new expectations I set for myself. Post everyday, spend hours a day engaging, reply to every comment, watch stories, plan outfits and shop so I can return. Let's not forget the constant comparison to keep up with the "Joan's" of IG.

Here we are today, burnt out! With my girls starting summer and June being a busy month for our family, I saw my chance to step back. I could see how other people live. The plan is to stay away from posting for at least two weeks. (Feels like a lot when you haven't stopped in three years). Most importantly get dressed without linking it on LTK and to be present with my family.

I'll tell you a secret, on the first day I picked up jeans from the closet floor and wore them all day. It felt amazing not thinking about taking a picture to post, I could finally breathe. I did open Instagram around 9;30am to reply to a few DM's but I did not scroll on anything else. In fact I moved the IG app to the last screen on my phone so I wouldn't be tempted. The thought of deleting the app scares me, I can't remember passwords.

I think this influencer life has become a bit addictive. We become afraid to get off the train thinking it will not be easy to get back on and what is the cost? We like to say follower count doesn't matter, but we watch it. The number of views on a reel is hard to ignore. Silently hope our next post will get us seen by a brand. Making money from Reels Play once a month and LTK every other week has been sweet. This IG thing feels like a real job.

So if this is a real job then I'm finally taking a real break, because this shit is exhausting!

Like and follow for more :) I'll share how it's all going.

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