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Sunday Shines- What's going on

Though this February was longer than the typical year, if was still short and sweet. After waiting to receive a 30 day notice, for the completion of our new home, since the beginning of January, we were finally contacted. March 25th is our magicical date. Let the organizing, packing, complaining and moving begin. Looking forward to playing the role of decorator while we are settling in.

Favorite Event

I had an opportunity to host an in store event at the LOFT. This was so exciting for me. Since starting my style IG page, I've often wondered what my goal was. Trying to figure out my "Brand". Did you know that is a thing? I was honored to be considered for the LOFTimist Campaign. A LOFTimst is someone who believes in the power of optimism and does eveything with a sense of joy and love...spread happiness. What could be better than that to make you smile. I am not a professional stylist, I do not have 'x' amount of money to spend on clothing, and I don't consider myself fancy. However, being able to help other women and moms realize it doesn't take much to feel good about yourself has been amazing. We have all had seasons of hardship, struggles and loneliness. Get up, get dressed and put on some lipstick!

Favorite memory

"It's so hard to say goodbye" thinking Boys to Men. This past Friday our girls attended their last day at the current school. We really had such a positive experience these past two years. The teachers were very kind, and encouraging. I know the time there made an impression on our girls for years to come. So important to know you are capable, and cared about. Thank you Loma Portal Elementary.

Favorite outfit

Okay, feel free to call me simple, basic, or classic. I take all as a compliment. Some may see my lack of dresses, bright colors, prints, or heels as boring. Not this girl. There will forever be something about nice blue jeans, white tee or sweater and loafers. Madewell made me so happy when they put out another 9"inch mid rise skinny denim. Favorite Sam Edelman shoes and I am good for school pick up!

Favorite Quote

"People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, But people will never forget how you made them feel" Maya Angelou

Cheers to this week. Go be your own sunshine and show your style!

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