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Sunday Shines- a little late ;)

Well looks like this week's Sunday post is a little late. Better late than never, right? We've been so overwhelmed with home buying decisions that my "regular" life stuff is falling to the side. Hygiene not included, in case you were wondering. Some decisions in life definitely make you feel like a real adult. This will be our third home purchase since being married in '03. Now that our girls are in the middle of elementary, this decision affects all of us. You must take into account, the neighborhood, schools, location and lifestyle you want to have close to home. Important to remember, there will always be "what if's"and nothing is ever perfect. Perfectly at home will be good enough. More on this topic later.

Favorite lesson from my 10 Year old

So, earlier in the week, our daughter choose to write a letter to, two girls in her class. I had absolutely no idea she did this. She did explain to me, the letters let them know, they're not good friends, have hurt her feelings and often exclude her. I never expected her to write a letter but I'm not surprised. Since, I had no idea what was written exactly, I was a bit concerned. What if the parents complain about the notes. What if they tell the teacher and ask for a group conference.

Well, I am happy to report none of the above happened. The girls apologized separately for their behavior. My daughter's response to me was,"well they said sorry but they won't really change". I loved her more for this. Here I was concerned about what she did and doubted the idea. I learned a lot from her! It's Okay to be honest with people when your feelings are hurt, no matter what the outcome may be. ;)

Favorite recipe

I like to say I despise cooking and it's somewhat true. Too many ingredients look scary. Long preparations make me turn the page or keep scrolling Pinterest. So, when an easy recipe uses an Instant Pot I'm all in. Here is an easy chicken thigh recipe for you for any weeknight.

Favorite Item of the week

I must admit I'm definitely having a coat moment lately. With the cooler weather in San Diego, I am taking every opportunity to reach into the coat closet. This is a favorite coat I purchased last year from Zara. A long camel coat is always a classic and can add a little bit of chic to any outfit.

Favorite quote of the week

"Don't judge others by your own standards, for everyone is making their way home, in the way they know best" Leon Brown

Cheers to this week. Go be your own sunshine and show your style !

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