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Sunday Shines- 3rd week of February

Did you survive Valentines Day? Hope you received something sweet, or bought yourself a little treat. It was a very short week for us. A four day week turned into two school days for our oldest. She was sent home early, stayed home sick and visits to the doctor. Let's just say I would like a do over please. It's never easy with a sick child, wondering if the sickness will last or quickly pass. One thing is certain, it's not enjoyable for anyone.

Favorite Activity

We did mange to get outside on Saturday and enjoy the sunshine. There is a short hike called, "Annie's Trail" with a view of the ocean and the option to climb in between mountain rock. Our family is all about it. Any activity on the weekends is a good thing.

Favorite Article

Procrastination. The big P word that is a pain in my ... Do you struggle with procrastion? Maybe you put off cleaning, organizing, or creating. I read this short article about, four easy ways to stop procrastinating.

1. What is the cause? Confront the worst- case scenario. Figure out your weaknesses. Realize it is better to get things done than being perfect.

2. One small step. All it takes is to begin then plan the next step. 10-15 mins a day will help you feel accomplished. Don't set yourself to feel overwhelmed.

3. Visulize the future. What will "done" look like for you? How will you feel when a task is complete? If you can connect with those emotions it can help push you forward.

4. Change your outlook. Remember we are all human and procrastination is common. When you're feeling overwhelmed, make a decision to take it slow and see how it goes. Don't think everything has to be completed the same day.

Favorite Outfits

When Alexa says cloudy weather In San Diego, I break out the trench coat. Something about this classic piece makes me feel more sophisticated. You can add on top of a little black dress, jeans or even joggers.

New color for me, and fun sleeves. This cute short sleeve sweatshirt top was a hit. Comes in two other colors and budget friendly. Way to add a little something to a casual jean outfit.

Favorite Quote

"The best way to get things done is to simply Begin"

My husband's motto is "Get it done".

Cheers to this week. Go be your own sunshine and show your style!

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