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Sunday Shines

Heading into week 8, or something, of quarantine. It officially feels like a bad movie that keeps rewinding itself. You know there is more to the movie but can't seem to get the next scene.

All we can do is stay positive and make our own sunshine where ever we are. That's what the optimist would say. Had the opportunity to take a couple family car rides to the water and enjoy the sun. Change of scenery can do wonders even from your car.

Favorite accomplishment of the week

Our girls finally presented their science fair projects on zoom. Only three weeks past due but who's really keeping track. O did it on the amount of sugar in certain foods. Suprising us with "healthy' does not mean without sugar. M choose to test how much salt it takes to float an egg. All in all I feel it went well and happy to put it behind us.

Favorite Activity of the week

I got myself back into outdoor running! So excited to walk out the front door and go. The new running shoes that arrived were a great motivator. A new pair of New Balance. My go to is usually Nike but good to switch it up. For me, going up one whole size also helps, gives your foot some space to spread out. I also participated in a virtual 5k. Just take a sweaty selfie and tag to group. Hey, I came in third for females so thats kind of cool. With a turtle pace for me but turtles do finish ! :)

Favorite Outifts

Lets talk clothing. There was a "get dressed girl" challange and each day was a different item to style. Must admit having a reason to not grab the same t-shirt or joggers off the floor felt good. My favorite was a simple white tee with jeans day. Something about the classics I love. Second was dress day. Pulled an oldie from the back of the closet and tossed on some hightop converse. Who doesn't love a converse sneaker? Thinking I ll keep it simple this week and breaking out shorts again.

Favorite Quote

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light" Aristole

Cheers to this week. Go be your own sunshine and show your style!

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