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Sunday Shines

Another week complete and a new week about to start. My Sunday Shines are brief but here they go...

So far our family has not been bit by the sick bug. Fingers crossed we can stay healthy a little longer. Of course once one child starts sneezing, and sniffling, the other follows behind. There is nothing like waking up at 2:00 in the morning with a presence standing at your bed side. Scary! Mom brain is automatic, and suddenly your eyes open. Laying there thinking "please don't be a child, and please don't be sick". Favorite words to hear, "mom I don't feel good". The end.

Looks like we are finally moving full speed ahead on the home buying. The builder's lender has approved our application, and we will soon meet with the design center. Very Exciting! Are you the type of person to get excited about things when they first begin? I'm the type of person that has to take everything in, and wait till things are really happening before I can celebrate. Then its "popping bottles" time! Stay tuned

Favorite Recipe

I usually try to cook at least three meals a week for our family. Most of the time I just pull out my go to's, or find a new recipe. Since we have a Keto household (except for the small 8year old child) we mostly eat meat, protein and no grains. Here is one VERY simple family dish with ground beef. Start on the skillet, toss in the oven, add some veggies on the side and dinner is served. The name may not sound appetizing but believe you me...they'll eat it.

Favorite Outfit of the week

Don't you have that one outfit that you toss on and feel comfortable in and look somewhat put together. Maybe its leggings, and a tunic for you, or jeans and a button up. Mine is either an all black outfit, or jeans, sneakers and a sweater. Something about jeans and sneakers yells "mom at school pick up", am I right? Here is my favorite laid back look of the week. This lightweight, Downkind Jacket from Athleta was a no brainer. Perfect piece to layer on and stay warm. Like RUN-DMC once said ,"My Adidas". Wear them, keep them and rock them.

Favorite Quote of the week

"Living with intention means saying no the the things that aren't important to us, so we can say yes to what matters most". Crystal Paine

Lets set intentions this year and not resolutions

Cheers to this week. Go be your own sunshine and show your style!

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