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Sunday Shines !

Happy New Year! Its that time again when we make changes and set goals. If your like me, you just plan on going with the flow an accentuate the positive. I always have the same small goals every year. I just like to see how far I can get, do a daily devotional, read more books, try new recipes, run a couple races, be present often, and make mom friends (again).

Now that I've officially entered the world of blogging again (slowly) and growing my Instagram page, Ive added a couple creative goals. I would like to share two blog posts a week going forward. A Sunday edition, to share a review of the previous week. This could include, something I learned, a favorite product or clothing item, and a new recipe if I'm feeling fancy. The second post will be on Wednesdays. I've really enjoyed sharing healthy tips on Wellness Wednesday on my IG page, maybe this can grow from there. First step of any goal is taking the first lets get started.

Last week in review

Our last week of the year definitely left us with something to remember forever. We went on our first family camping trip in an RV for three nights and enjoyed it. However, we also said goodbye to our dog, who was 13 years old. Lucy was the best dog you could ask for. Her last days were spent laying in the sun, eating pieces of steak and watching kids play around her. We had known her time was coming and discussed it happening before the New Year. She was moving slower, walking less and breathing heavy. Your never really prepared for that time to come. On Sunday afternoon with her family, and friends, gathered around we watched her take her final breaths. I remember my husband saying, "its happening now". Its been a week since we lost our Lucy Lu and so many things remind us of her. Trying to smile at the memories instead of cry.

What I learned last week

That our family might have a future in camping after all, who knew? Once you get passed the dirt, smoke, cold nights, and if you have a proper toilet, your golden. Also, I need to invest in a French is a must!

I also learned a dog is really part of the family. She taught us about unconditional love and I believe it was a huge experience for our girls. A sadness that can't be explained.

Favorite product/item

So, If you didn't hear, I am attempting a "No Shop" January. This means no shopping for clothing, or shoes, during the entire month. Sounds easy enough right, wrong! If your an Instagramer then you know the many sales and cute style photos. I suddenly think I need another pair of sneakers, or jeans for School Pick Up. My reason for this is simple, we've started to look for our "forever" home, and shopping to just stay home all day is probably not the smartest idea.

In the spirit of fashion my favorite item of the week were, Levis 721 skinny jeans. I had been eying these for awhile, so when I found them on sale I snagged them. Love the skinny fit and the distressing on the knees. Then length is long on my 5'4 body but don't mind rolling them up. I will wear them often..just warning you. Sizes still available.

Favorite quote of the week

"I'm at a point in my life where I'm only interested in consistency, stability, respect, and loyalty."

Cheers to a New Year, and a New Week. Go be your own Sunshine, and Style !

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