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Now, lets get this straight!

I'm starting to build a classic wardrobe. I'm sure I'll mention this a lot over time, so prepare yourself. The search for the right staples that never go out of style, no matter what trends are in. It seems that French girls really have the classic, and stylish, look down pat. Plus they make it look so easy. It's as if they walk into their closet, grab a couple things and toss on without a second thought. Goals! I'm still in the process of making my list.

One piece I'm on a mission to find is a good pair of straight jeans. This means not skinny, not flared, not bootcut or any other opposite of straight. I recently found a couple pairs that are good contenders.

First a few notes about wearing straight leg jeans. My goal is for them to look flattering, not frumpy. I'm only 5'4 so being in between lengths is often an issue. To give the illusion of being tall would be awesome.

Wearing high waist denim is new to me this year. I know my husband wouldn't mind if I stopped wearing them. The truth is, a high waist can define your waist, and make your legs appear longer. A plus and a plus.

Your legs and feet go together so shoes can help. Here it is paired with pointy flats to help give the leg a longer appearance.

A heel and blouse is another option. This look can easily be worn with an open toed or closed toe heel.

Of course you can't go wrong with a blazer, and booties, for day or night. Create more of a daytime look with a tee shirt instead of the cami and a casual boot.

Just like any pair of jeans, finding the right fit can take awhile. I listed the pair below for another price point Happy Try On !

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