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Mom's Day - Amazon gift picks

Another special day is just around the corner, Mother's Day. Whether you are wanting to ship something to your mom or send to yourself, here are a few simple gift ideas. I found all of them on Amazon so its a one stop shop. No need to break the bank when the it's the thought that counts!


The most worn shoe these days. I honestly never thought I would need more than one pair, but I know own three. Leggings and joggers go perfectly with these fuzzy slippers. I love them and fit true to size.

Pajama Set

If you grab a pair of slippers think about pj's to go with them. I know my mom is a fan of lounge sets. Long sleeve work well for winter but with weather warming up looks like we need to roll up our sleeves. I would love another pj set, in case you wanted to know. Over 10 color sets to choose from and $30.

Faux Leather Tote Bag

I don't think you can ever go wrong with a casual tote bag. I've gifted a few to my mom over the years. This particular brand has a ton of colors to choose from. Over 5800 reviews and under $15. Thats some good budget shopping. Toss your face mask and sanitizer in and go!

Kate Spade Bangle

Okay we have the comfy clothes and a tote, now the something special. I have always loved bracelets. There is always something sweet and elegant about a simple bangle. This one is from Kate Spade and under $40. In case you are feeling like a little splurge. There are a few different bangle options

That's it, just wanted to share some easy gift options to send. Honestly nothing can beat a special letter or card with something written from your heart...Earn big points that way!

Happy Day!

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