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Let the traditions resume!

As you know, Christmas is quickly approaching. Everyone is scrambling to cross names off gift lists, decorate everything, and be of good cheer. It is also time to keep those Holiday Traditions going. Its those special memories that you'll remember after the perfume runs out, clothes are grown out of and toys are tossed aside.

Honestly, I never grew up with holiday traditions. The closest thing I had was both sides of my family made tamales for the Christmas season. When I got married, I was quickly introduced to family traditions. Perhaps this is a cultural thing, but definitely out of my comfort zone. I was bothered, and didn't understand, "why do we have to visit the same shops and sites for the holidays?"

Fast forward to to our own little family. Traditions have slowly evolved. In the beginning I refused to say "we always" or "its a tradition". I never wanted to feel like things were a "have to" and I liked the idea of change.

However, through my stubbornness, a few things have stuck around. My girls have certain things to look forward to, and my complaints are minimal.

Here are three activities we have kept around.

1. We visit the Hotel Del in Coronado. A photo by the Christmas tree, see what the ornament of the year is, and sometimes purchase it. I use to spend most of my time pouting whenever we arrived. I felt it was something my mother-in law enjoyed so it can't count as "my thing". Happy to report I now look forward to the visit, it has become "our thing". Plus the day ends with dinner out, and wine ;).

2. Matching PJ's of course. I use to make sure our two girls matched but now its all four of us. The more the merrier right? Plus who doesn't want to purchase new pj's every year and squeeze in for the perfect family photo. Making memories over here, people!

3. My husband loves to make French toast Christmas morning. It's become his thing to do. His father made the breakfast in his home growing up, so naturally he wants to cook in ours. I often get annoyed by how stressful the process appears and the mess it makes. Once its ready and the champagne is poured, I'm good.

There you have it, just a few "traditions" we have kept around. Seasons change, children grow and time flies by. Why not give us all a little something special to remember? Do you have Holiday traditions in your home?


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