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Let's Get It Started! Hello ME

We are home from Maryland and all of Christmas has been put away. Now, it's time to get this year started. I look around our home and see a long To Do list staring at me. The house decorating I want to finish, organizing of closets, and DIY projects I should try. ;)

First things first! I have decided to make an effort and shift my negative self thinking and to be kinder to myself. Awhile ago, I received a direct message from someone I admire on Instagram. This person mentioned how hard I am on myself in the stories I post. My negative self talk can be off putting for people. This struck a cord in me and I immediately felt embarrassed. I thought of quitting my SD IG page altogether. Sure, negative talk is nothing new to the people who "know" me. However, hearing this from an outside view made me think twice. How can I change this? Had my attempt at being authentic, backfired? My intention was to be relatable and inspire others, not become a Negative Nancy.

Here are a few things I'm incorporating into my day !

Stop and Pray. When I wake up in the morning, first thing I've been doing is open my First 5 app. It's a devotional with a short teaching in God's word. Starting the day with giving the Lord my first 5 mins of reading and prayer. Perfect time before life distractions and mom duties jump out at me!

Coffee and Read. While sipping my coffee I open up my Better Mom devotional that I started last year. Everyday is a quick page of encouragement. This week I read a passage about pride. It stated, a sneakier kind of pride takes the form of self-loathing. WOW- When we put ourselves down or throw pity parties were sneakily drawing the attention back to us, being prideful. I needed to hear this and felt like it was speaking to me.

Start the day with a better mindset. If you know my oldest daughter, waking her up can be scary. She could yell no, tell me to go away or just ignore me. "Lord give me strength to be the mom you've created me to be", then I open the door. Boom! I often take things people say, personally and that affects how I see myself as a mom, wife and woman. When I take "me" out of the equation and focus on why someone is upset or a particular situation. I can breathe and move on.

Move My Body. I will most likely talk more about this but exercise helps. If I only have time for a short run and push up's, I'll take it. Get my heart pumping and feeling strong makes a huge difference for me.

Social Media Limits. This is a big one for me. It's easy for others to say don't compare but so hard to do. Especially, if I'm having a bad day. I'll see moms posting about crafts, matching outfits and making things look so sweet. Other women with dressed up outfits, or effortless looks and makes me feel less then. Important to remember we see a highlight reel of lives not real lives! Now, I stop and think about what I have to offer. I'm a stay at home mom of two girls. I like clothes and getting dressed each day. No, I'm not fancy and that's ok. I like fitness and sharing workouts. I love my life and fortunate to do the things I enjoy.

I will embrace the season I'm in.

Turn off what strikes the negative cord and raise up the positive switch.

- Thank You HGC :)

Favorite Quote

"You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody" Maya Angelou

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