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Friday Flash - Strolling Through December

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Hello to the first week of December! Now time will fly by, as it does this time of year. It was a pretty good week over here. My nana turned 86 on Wednesday and I made a surprise visit to her. We ended up talking for three hours, the visit was long over due. In the rush of our own days we often forget about the older people in our lives. I am guilty of this and that needs to change. Life is precious, we have been reminded of that this year more than anything. Take the time to say hello, it means more than you know.

Favorite baked item

My youngest and I recently tried a new cookie recipe. Nothing like warm cookies out of the oven for a little Christmas cheer. Originally shared by another blogger on IG :)

Frosted Brownie Cooke

These were definitely family approved!

Favorite- Christmas friend has returned

Our friend Ellie the Elf has come back!

Just a day late but with good reason.

- She has traveled so far and because of the Covid, must sit in this glass jar. Mask is in place and there will be no touching her face !

We're not sure when she will be able to come out, only time will tell :)

Favorite New Family Christmas Movies

Yes I spend a lot of time watching Hallmark and Lifetime holiday movies. However, this past week we watched a couple family movies.

  1. The Christmas Chronicles 2 with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. We enjoyed the first movie in 2018, this was just as good! On Netflix

  2. Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey If you like musicals, a little Christmas magic and toys than this is for you. On Netflix

Favorite Quote

"Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand"

Dr. Seuss

That is it for me I'm out in a Flash !

Happy Friday

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