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Friday Flash - Christmas Countdown

I must admit I'm getting excited for Christmas. I love all the special things that go along with it. The family traditions we have created, the Christmas music playing, the decor all around and the treats we can enjoy. Sure, we don't get to be surrounded by all family and friends this year but making the most of it.

I don't have any great gift ideas for you. When all else fails, grab a gift card, a bottle of alcohol or bag up some homemade cookies. Your Welcome

My Santa is Coming to Town

I'm watching out

Trying not to cry

Holding it together

I'm telling you why

My Santa is coming to town

I've made my list

Added to it twice

He knows I've tried to play nice

My Santa is coming to town

He knows when I'm trying to sleep

He knows when a kid's awake

He knows when I'm good and bad

So I'll try to be good for goodness sake

I better watch out

And better say Hi

I won't pout

I'm telling you why

Because I ordered my own gifts online!

Love you Husband, My Santa xo

Favorite Shop Stop.

If you didn't know I'am a Stella & Dot Stylist. Now is a good time to treat yourself or some one else ;) Click on photo for my link

Favorite Quote

It's not what's under the Christmas tree that matters but who's around it." Charlie Brown

Thats it for me, I'm out in a Flash! Happy Friday

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