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Friday Flash

Took a drive to our local moutains a couple weeks ago. Snow day made for a great Sunday.

Here we are heading into the last week of March! Let the Spring bring some sunshine, please.

Parenting life, we had our parent-teacher conferences this week. It's a bit discouraging to hear one child is doing well, and the other is struggling. They spend the entire school time online, doing reading and math applications. It seems difficult to understand what kids truly know without in person engagement. Don't get me started on trying to hold their attention its no wonder test scores are low. Its falls on us parents to step in more than ever!

Favorite Sneaker

I have a love for sneakers. When I came across this pair I hit order immediately. A twist on a old standby, mid rise converse. Its not a high, or low top, it's a MID TOP!

Click on photo for link. Keep Clam and Wear Converse!

Favorite Meal

I felt like an old school mom this week when I cooked up a roast in my Instapot. Yup, I went to Costco, walked to the meat section, then called my husband to ask what a roast meat is. At home I opened up Pinterest and got cooking. Talk about leftovers for a week, roast with rice on Monday, roast and a salad on Tuesday, roast tacos on Wednesday and roast pieces on Thursday. Friday is pizza!

Favorite Show

Okay, I joined the cool crowd and finished watching Schitt's Creek on Netflix. Only took 6 months to get through 6 seasons. Sad to say goodbye. I really loved the characters and the humor. Guess, I'll have to rewatch.

Favorite look this week

This dress was a winner. Give mom a dress with pockets and she'll wear it! Found this dress at Target and said yes right away. I love the ballet cut and the length. Perfect price of $20! Comes in 8 colors. Click on photo for the link

Favorite Thought

Each morning you wake be thankful, grateful and appreciate who you are!

That's it for me, out in a Flash ! Happy Friday

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