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Friday Flash

Can we start decorating for Christmas yet? I am hoping to decorate the tree this weekend. I figure with the crazy year we've had, there is no reason to postpone the holiday season any longer. Let's get it started!

Favorite Day

Our oldest daughter Olivia, turned 11years old, on Wednesday the 18th! Nothing like your first born getting older, to remind you that you're getting older too! She had a special day and her shopping request was granted. We explained, that this year would just be the four of us and she understood. I often think children are more resilient than we think. A child always wants to feel loved and special on their birthday. Mission accomplished .

Watching her grow into a young lady is something else. She speaks her mind and wants to make her own decisions. With the right guidance and support, she'll be just fine. :)

May all her wishes come true!

Favorite Product -

Since mid October I've been using a liquid Collagen product called, Liquid BioCell. Its sold by a company, Modere. I am loving it and all the benefits. Clinically shown to improve joint mobility, while promote healthy cartilage, who doesn't need that. Another thing, it reduces wrinkles from the inside out!Yes Please Shop and use my code 6900854

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Friday Favorite-

I get dressed everyday, even if I'm home all day. My favorite go to look is usually jeans and a tee. Aerie with American Eagle has this comfortable lightweight tunic. Ribbed long sleeve henley. Perfect for leggings and layering. Comes is several colors, and thumb holes...the best part. On sale $20!

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Sale Notes-

Target is offering - Spend $40 get $10 off women's clothing and shoes

Old Navy has sweaters 50% off for the family. Time to bundle up!

Banana Republic is now 50% off everything!

I will list more sales as we get closer to Black Friday!

Stella and Dot dollars are back

If you're interested in some cute jewelry for yourself or as a gift, it's a perfect time.

Shop my website. Click on photo

Thats it for me, I'm out in a Flash! Happy Friday

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