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Friday Finds - Blog Edition

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

If you've been following my IG page then you know about my Friday Finds. I figured Fridays are the days we celebrate the weekend. A little happy hour, relaxing and maybe shopping. In the spirt of fashion, I thought why not share items I'm eyeing at the end of the week. Not all items I share are on sale, but they may be on my wishlist, or on their way into my closet.

Item 1

Lets talk Moto jackets. This is a popular trend that seems to be sticking around. The ease of a black Moto jacket, suddenly you look put together. I own two black, and a brown suede one, shh, and I recently spotted a lighter colored one at Target. Ladies & gentleman (looking for a gift) here is a good spring buy. I see you Target!

Item 2

You can't go anywhere without seeing some animal print. Snakeskin on shoes, leopard on shirts, or just a subtle print on a skirt. When I saw this sweatshirt online I thought,

"Oh, yeah, that's cute". Will it ever make it's way into my wardrobe? I really can't say at this time. If your looking for a little print to wear with those jeans, give it a try. Thanks Abercrombie for making us 40 somethings look hip.

Item 3

Can we talk about the moment straight jeans are having? Move over skinny jeans our legs need some room. I'm here for it, not gonna lie. Finding the right pair is where the adventure begins. When I saw these hanging on the rack, I said, "dressing room please". The waist is not ultra tummy high and the fit is smooth, not baggy. "Hey, Topshop I may be back".

Item 4

Last, but not least, are shoes. I'm always a fan of neutral colored shoes that can easily be worn with most outfits. These loafers are a great fit with jeans, joggers or even shorts. Banana Republic always offers good staples.

That's it, I hope you find a little inspiration. Remember if you don't need it, don't buy it. Always shop your closet first. Happy Friday!

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