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Back to Reality- Bye Relay, MD

Our holiday break is finally coming to an end in MD. This getaway was definitely needed after the long year of staying home. A brief background of MD. My husband and I moved from San Diego to MD in 2010. We moved four times, husband worked for three different firms and our second child was born. Then husband was offered a job back in San Diego. In 2015 we packed up and drove back west.

I had not been back to the East Coast since we left. My girls and husband have traveled without me. To be honest, I wasn't quite ready to visit. Our time here was challenging for me personally, not in a bad way, I just never felt completely settled. I missed my mom, sister, struggled making friendships (no surprise) and wanted my girls to see and grow near their young cousins. Of course, I missed the weather and the West Coast vibes!

Fast forward to 2020 crazies. My thoughts of taking a family trip changed. In-laws had come to SD a couple times this past year and that was nice. When the holidays rolled around, I tossed out the idea "let's go to Maryland". The day after Christmas we arrived and the remembrance of what cold weather feels like came back.

I have really enjoyed this visit for several reasons.

Yes, it's nice to get out of Dodge and breathe in different air. Something about my husband's childhood home brings a sense of calmness and warmth that can't be denied. Perhaps it's the old Victorian style of the home. Could be generations of memorabilia scattered around, smell of coffee in the kitchen, fireplace inviting your to read or the rocking chair that is always available. This feeling cannot be replicated in San Diego.

I made a conscious decision to let my walls down. Makes all the difference when you allow yourself to just enjoy instead of trying to control. WOW! I let my softer side appear, remembered my manners and let the "battle of leftovers" with my MIL, slide to the side ;).

Most importantly watching my girls take everything in. Each morning they hang out on the window seat in the kitchen to watch squirrels eat the food that they placed out. Bundled up to explore the woods. Played games with their grandparents. Snuggled up in the evening to watch a classic movie with Grammie. Listened to old stories of yesterday years. They inquired about people, giggled and chatted the days away.

There were more moments during the past two weeks, I can't recall them all. I drank too many cosmos, ate a few cookies, ran some miles, finished a book and ordered from Amazon. Through it all, I was present. If the last year taught us anything, it's to appreciate the time we have. Life gets busy, and usually the small stuff becomes pretty petty. My girls are so fortunate to have their grandparents in MD. Making memories to last. Their childhood is a complete opposite from mine. I hope one day they'll know how blessed they are. I feel blessed to be a welcomed daughter-in-law into their home all these years.

Always remember we all have something to offer!

Now back to Cali...

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