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A little Influenced for the season

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Once the weather cools, and hashtag "Its Fall Ya'll" is used, get ready.

It's game time. Sweaters come out swinging and boots are stomping.

As a nano influencer I'm often dumbfounded by the amount of sales, people can post.

When do they find the time? How are they so organized? I wake up each morning to see lightning Amazon deals before I've even made coffee. Weekend sale codes are shared on Wednesday before I make weekend plans. When Black Friday hits, forget about it, only the strong survive.

It's important to have a strategy when scrolling during this Holiday Season and not get

caught up in the "buy now" mentally. As someone who, posts a few sales and gets influenced to shop them as well, I put together a Shop Smart Guide.

Plan with a budget

Budgets are great for your overall spending. Just because it's on sale, remember it still cost money. Everything will add up eventually.

Make a list

When shopping online, create a wish list. If an item is available, and a good sale appears, you'll be ready. Plus, a list, keeps you on track with things you need, or who you need to buy for.

Shop the right retailers

If a brand is sold with different retailers make sure your getting the best deal. Always check the return policy and shipping costs.

Support the littles

Its easy to shop the big retail apps and shop. Before you do, remember the influencer who shared that particular item. Click on their LTK link, or use their code when possible. It's always appreciated. Let's not forget the small businesses around town or online. Don't forget to share :)

Final thought

It can be difficult during this season to avoid impulse buys. So remember these tips and ask yourself...Is it a need, do I absolutely love it, most importantly, will I wear it!

Happy Smart Shopping

*Always thankful for the connections I've made and engagements I receive. Let's keep supporting one another !

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