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A little Influenced for the New Year!

I reached an influencer milestone. As I made my morning coffee and clicked on Instagram, I saw it, 10K followers! I immediately told my husband, "hey guess what"! After a congratulations followed by a hug, the excitement passed. I sat back, sipped my coffee and started to scroll. There was a time when achieving 10K meant you gained the golden ticket, the ability to "swipe up". Now it's a nice feature for everyone, as it should be. However, much like turning age 10, the joy is seeing double digits. Still really cool, so now what?

When I started this little IG page in January of 2019, I had no idea how it all worked. I enjoyed seeing different outfits and I had a closet full of hardly worn clothes. The thought of sharing my OOTD's would give my a chance to add some fun into my "stay at home mom life". # schoolpickupmomstyle was created

Never did I think as a 46 year old I would spend hours on my phone typing the words, "so cute, beautiful, looks good and love it" over and over. But dreams do come true, haha.

I've learned a few things over time and I'm happy to share.

There isn't a guide book to follow. Start, post and go. Figure out your niche and run with it. We all have something of value to give. There is only one you!

Advice is not freely given but critiques are. Not everyone likes to share their secrets :) but ask anyway.

Engage with others. Like, comment and save when possible. It's the nice thing to do.

There are Insta cliques...if your lucky you'll find yours. I'm still working on mine.

Be yourself! Sounds simple but you can easily slip into "keeping up with the Jones's"

BE AWARE and DON'T COMPARE! We all have a moments of weakness when our wall is down. Most likely your caring about them and they don't even know you!

It's Okay to unfollow or mute people. If the page doesn't serve you it's not for you.

It's Okay not to post everyday! I finally learned this one. Quality over Quantity

Lastly, gaining followers is nice but it's not everything. Stay genuine and they will follow! DON'T GIVE UP

Thats all I got for now ...I'm still growing, learning and posting.

Most importantly I am thankful for this little walkway on the instagram highway! Let's enjoy the drive! 2022

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