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A little influenced for more, part 2

You've heard the saying "what you see is what you get". Well when it comes to

being an influencer it's more like "get what you see". That's not always a good thing.

When I started my little instagram page it was to share my outfit of the day. Keep motivated to get dressed everyday and wear items hanging in my closet. I owned clothes, perhaps I could inspire someone else with an outfit idea, or another stay at home mom. Remember school pick up was my only outing. This past year I didn't even have an outing.

Soon I was bit by the buying bug. My clothes no longer felt like enough. The Demi cut jeans everyone had, I ordered. (and returned twice) The studded sandals that you must wear for summer, I bought. Owning a fourth pair of joggers was definitely a need, duh. The list could go on. You see, suddenly I'm trying to justify why I should purchase an item. Will one top from Target make me a big influencer and grow my following instantly? No it won't. However, 22 - short sleeve sweatshirts sold on my link for .46 cents each, so I'm kind of a baller now!

It's easy to scroll and see others sharing this and that. Next, you question if it's a need for now. Let me be the voice of reason and say, its not!

I understand that being a little influencer means sharing sales, styles, and things to buy. It's your own personal business. You have control to share as much as you would like. To be honest, before

IG I didn't realize every store has a sale all the time. You tell followers, buy now it's on sale. Truth is, there will be another sale (our secret).

Why do I care to talk about this, when sharing for sales is the goal. I'm trying to help that mom who thinks "I don't have the right stuff". The one who thinks If only I could buy that puff sleeve shirt my closet would be complete. My advice, wear what you love and love what you have.

Try the three test :

Can you wear an item at least three different ways

Will you actually wear the item three times

Could you still own the item three years from now

If you said yes to all three then say "this piece is for me"

I'm committed to sharing what I really wear because the tie dye dress from Walmart never saw the light of day (lesson learned). See the cool bloggers I admire really do wear things they love more than once. In the Instagram world of being "authentic" shouldn't we start there. Pretty sure I wear the same pj's five nights in a row, should I share?

There is more I could write about this topic but I'll save it for a different day.

*Always thankful for the connections I've made and engagements I receive. Let's keep supporting one another!


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