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A little influenced.

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Being a tiny influencer on Instagram is not easy. Sharing outfits everyday, in hopes of growing a following, and making a few cents on the LIketoKnowit app seems silly. Isn’t it suppose to be fun?

Some days it‘s overwhelming. I often feel like a young child learning to swim, keeping my head above water, hoping to be noticed.

The constant need to post and engage to gain followers can be a lot. What about the days I don‘t want to scroll or post? To be honest, most days I tell myself, this is the last one.

I orginally started an IG page in 2014 posting OOTD’s. Then stopped when I begin to feel embrassed. Just think where I would be now. 2019 I started SDmomstyles to share my school pick up style.

I didn’t read a guide for instagram. I was never taught when to post, the right hashtags to use, or how to give credit properly in stories. Lesson learned.

Instagram can often feel like high school. Seniors are the big over 100k bloggers. Juniors under that and so on. Cliques are also around. Influencers join their same besties for hauls and giveaways. You wonder when you’ll be welcomed into the cool crowd.

It can be discouraging when someone who started a page after you grows past you in followers. Suddenly your worth is based on likes, comments and follows.

Seems so ridiculous. We tell ourselves in daily life, who cares what others think of me. But isn’t that what IG is all about, wanting people to like you. Having a post do well.

I don’t have any secrets to share or advice to offer. It took me a year to gain 1000 followers. Who knows what will happen by the end of this year. Until then I will continue to show up, post, like and comment. I’ll play the game for awhile more, for the “Fun” of it.

*Always thankful for the connections I’ve made and engagements I receive. Let’s keep supporting one another!

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